ERC Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies, 1815-1914

Author Archive: Erik de Lange

Erik de Lange is PhD candidate within the research project ‘Securing Europe, fighting its enemies 1815-1914′, granted by the European Research Council. Within this project, Erik studies the European fight against piracy and privateering as it developed during the first half of the nineteenth century. Both the ways in which piracy and privateering were perceived as security threats and the means by which this enemy was fought were subject to substantial change over the course of five decades. These variations in perceptions, practices and norms made the international project of martime securitization particularly dynamic. Among his further research interests are fields and themes like the modern history (19th-21st century) of European securitization efforts and security thinking, transnational history, imagology, and symbolic geography.

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The Utrecht School of Historicizing Security Blog discusses current-day security concerns through a historical framework. Present sentiments of insecurity, perceptions of terrorist threats, and contemporary security measures should be historicized.

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