ERC Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies, 1815-1914

Project Team

Susanne Keesman MA

Suzanne Keesman MA is a Project Manager at the Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges and former project manager within the ERC funded project ‘Securing Europe, Fighting its Enemies’. As such she coordinated all organisatonal matters and practical affairs. Additionally, she is conducted research for the sub-project of the Egyptian Capitulations and Mixed Courts System.

Susanne graduated in December 2014 from Leiden University (Research Master in History) with an MA thesis on the subject of the Egyptian Mixed Courts. In January 2013 an adapted version of her BA thesis was published in the peer reviewed journal Historical Social Research and is titled “The communist menace in Finsterwolde: conspiring against local authorities? A case study on the Dutch battle against communism, 1945-1951″.