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Ozan Ozavci, Opposition to Authoritarianism (Turkish Studies)

This article discusses the establishment, ideology and actions of the Liberal International and its Turkish group the Society for the Dissemination of Free Ideas (SDFI). The SDFI was the first liberal civil society in Turkey. To this date, little attention has been paid to its actions and ideology. Taking the history of the SDFI as its central focus, the article aims to give an account of liberal opposition to authoritarianism in Turkey in the late 1940s, analyzing the factors which led self-proclaimed liberals to unify and eventually disband their alliance, and the novelties and limits of liberal thought at the time.

Hilmi Ozan Ozavci, ‘Opposition to Authoritarianism: The Society for the Dissemination of Free Ideas and the Road to Democracy in Turkey, 1947-1950.’ Turkish Studies (June, 2015), pp. 161-177.

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