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27 May 2016
Matthias de Vrieshof 2, room 004 (Witte Singel 25, Leiden).

Ozan Ozavci gives keynote speech at NISIS Network Day

ul_logo_printOn Friday 27 May 2016, the fourth annual NISIS Islamic Studies Network day will be held at Leiden University. This year’s theme is: ‘War in Syria: dynamics, and the consequences for Europe’. The Islamic Studies Network Day is part of the NISIS Training programme. Ozan Ozavci gives his keynote speech from 09.45 – 10.15 hours.

During this Network Day, NISIS would like to broaden and deepen the discussion on the current situation in and around Syria and the refugee crisis in Europe. How can we gather reliable information on the conflict, and how can the issue be represented and understood? Different keynote speakers will approach this topic from different areas of expertise; such as history, law, social sciences, Middle Eastern studies and journalism. In this interdisciplinary way, NISIS will shed light on current developments from an academic perspective, examining and challenging current narratives in public debate and media.

Time: 09.30 – 17.30, followed by drinks.
Venue: Matthias de Vrieshof 2, room 004 (Witte Singel 25, Leiden).
Please register by sending an email to NISIS. Please note the number of places is restricted. For more information, please click here.