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ERC Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies, 1815-1914


5 - 7 November 2014
National Archives, The Hague (Nov. 5) ; Trippenhuis, Amsterdam (Nov. 6-7)

Conference ‘Vienna 1815: The Making of a European Security Culture’

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Dutch Young Academy have organised a major international conference on the Congress of Vienna from 5-7 November 2014 in Amsterdam. The conference was an initiative of Prof. Beatrice de Graaf (Utrecht University) and opened with a public event at the National Archives in The Hague: 1814-1914-2014: Lessons from the past, challenges for the future.

During the conference Prof. Beatrice de Graaf presented a position paper in which she operationalised the concept of a European security culture, conceived as an aggregation of collective threat perceptions, shared interests and the resulting practices and discourses. This conceptualisation formed the basis of the diverse contributions to the conference, that studied well and less-known expressions of European security interventions. This concept was discussed further in four workshops on agents, institutions, threats and the cultural legacy of “Vienna 1815″.

Keynote contributions:

  • Prof. Christopher Clark (Cambridge University): From collective security to European catastrophe, 1815-1914
  • Prof. Eckart Conze (Philipps-Universität Marburg): Lessons from 1815. Peace, Security and the Vienna System in History and Politics (1815 to present)
  • Prof. Marieke De Goede (University of Amsterdam): Studying European Security Cultures across History and the Social Sciences
  • Prof. Beatrice De Graaf (Utrecht University): Vienna 1815: a new perspective on European history of the 19th century (position paper)
  • Mark Jarrett (Independent researcher): Architects versus Sleepwalkers? Discussing the system of Vienna for today
  • Prof. Matthias Schulz (University of Geneva): After Napoleon, the construction of a new European security culture: Institutional innovations, norms, paradoxes
  • Prof. Niek Van Sas (University of Amsterdam): The United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1814-1831). European Bulwark or Security Risk