ERC Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies, 1815-1914


Conference Report on In-Between Empires: Trans-imperial History in a Global Age

Last September, Ozan Ozavci attended an international workshop in Berlin on Trans-imperial History in a Global Age. Seventeen scholars from twelve countries were invited to present their papers, divided into five different panels. The workshop was aimed at making an ‘intervention in recent Empire Studies’. Many scholars argued that ‘we cannot separate connections, competition and cooperation in our analysis, but instead they go hand in hand.’ A similar argument was made in Ozavci’s paper on imperial security culture in the nineteenth century. He found that European powers acted together to defend their interests that are competitive and cooperative, in the case of the Syrian civil war in 1860. Not nature protection, but security was instrumentalized to define the different stages of civilisations of the great European powers and the ‘rest’.

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