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30 June 2015
14:30 - 17:00
NATO Headquarters, Brussels

Book Launch Strategic Narratives at NATO Headquarters (podcast onine)

The edited volume Strategic Narratives, Public Opinion and War: Winning domestic support for the war at home (Routledge 2015) explores the way governments endeavoured to build and maintain public support for the war in Afghanistan, combining new insights on the effects of strategic narratives with an exhaustive series of case studies. The volume is edited by Beatrice de Graaf (professor of History of International Relations, Utrecht University), George Dimitriu ( Research Fellow, Netherlands Defence Academy), and Jens Ringsmose (Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark). More information on the book can be found on Routledge’s website.

On 30 June 2015 the volume was presented at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The conference was introduced by Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former NATO Secretary General and author of the preface of the volume. Jamie Shea, Deputy Head of the Emerging Security Challenges Division at NATO acted as chair of the afternoon. The editors Beatrice de Graaf, George Dimitriu and Jens Ringsmose presented the volume to the public. Ben O’Loughlin ( Professor of International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London) and Laura Roselle (Visiting Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy) further contributed to the afternoon with a presentation.

For more information, a video fragment and a podcast of the full afternoon please visit the website of the NATO Library.