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3 - 4 November 2016
Haus der Bundespressekonferenz, Berlin

Beatrice de Graaf at Deutschlandfunk seminar on Terrorism

Deutschlandfunk 3-11


On 3 and 4 November 2016, Deutschlandfunk organises the two-day event “Formate des Politischen 2016”. During this two-day seminar, the relationship between politics, the media and the public is central. main topics for this year’s seminar are the populist challenge, Media and politics in the immigration debate, and Foreign policy public in times of international crises. More information (in German) is available on the Deutschlandfunk website.

Prof. Beatrice de Graaf will contribute during the third forum meeting on Professionalised media work of extremists and terrorist organizations

Summary: “Coming soon” – They stage their videos as Hollywood blockbusters. Tweets, posst and likes. In Arabic, English, French or German. The terrorists of the self-declared Islamic State use a professional, highly organised media strategy for their propaganda. To promote their messages, recruit fighters and to celebrate successful attacks. Which channels do they use? Which patterns do they follow to proceed? And what are the counter-strategies?


  • Marwan Abou-Taam , Islam and political scientist, Landeskriminalamt Mainz
  • Beatrice de Graaf , Professor of History of International Relations and Global Governance at the University of Utrecht
  • Jannis Jost , Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel
  • Bernd Zywietz, film and media studies, University of Mainz and University of Siegen
  • Moderators: Anne Raith , Germany radio and Ursula Welter , Head background Germany radio