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ERC Securing Europe, Fighting its enemies, 1815-1914


23 - 26 February 2017
Charleston, USA

Beatrice de Graaf at conference “Rethinking the Restauration” in Charleston US


The Conference “Re-thinking the Restoration(s) 200 Years After”, organised by the Consortium of the Revolutionary Era, aims to highlight and interrogate recent trends in the historiography on the Restoration (1815-1848), across Europe and the broader Atlantic world.  Against an older historiography which viewed this period as a conservative reaction against revolution, newer work has highlighted the innovation, complexity, and diversity of the restoration of monarchy.  Often preferring the term “restorations” to the old capital-R, singular Restoration, this work has focused on previously overlooked aspects of these restorations, including political culture, post-war reconstruction, memory and emotion, international networks and exchanges, and effects on colonies overseas.  From an international perspective (both in terms of professional affiliation and of research subject), the conference will examine some of these recent trends and propose new directions for research on this period. Prof. Beatrice de Graaf will deliver a paper, titled “Inaugurating the Allied Machine: Restoring the balance of power as an emotional security regime in Europe and beyond, 1814-1820”.

More information can be found on the website of the Constortium on the Revolutionary Era.